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PromoUkraine is an online fashion boutique and pop-up shop founded in Overland Park, Kansas. After her love for  fashion became an obsession, our owner, Marina, decided to cultivate PromoUkraine to share her love for Slavic embroidery and inspire others to turn their everyday wardrobe into an outlet for self-expression.

At PromoUkraineyou will find beautifully embroidered blouses, dresses, jackets, coats, shirts for men and women, complementary accessories, and souvenirs. Our collection is inspired by the Slavic tradition of embroidery art. It is focused on quality, comfort, and most importantly price. We are proud to bring handmade items from Europe to the United States. Certain hand-stitched models are available for custom design.


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Marina & PromoUkraine
Slavic Embroidery Art

If you are a blogger and would like to collaborate with our boutique OR if you would like to be one of our lovely anchor models, send over an email with your headshot and a brief description of yourself! If you are a blogger, please attach your website and Instagram name!


All inquiries can be sent to savage.maryna@yahoo.com!

Holiday Tunic Collection

Hand Stitched Collection